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Duo Dvoretski

Equilibristic and Balance on Free Standing Ladder


dvoretsky01.JPG (8027 bytes)dvoretsky03.JPG (6161 bytes)Dmitri descended from a family of circus artistes and he graduated from the circus school in Moscow.

Viktoria descended from a family of musicians - her father is a composer and she herself has graduated from the Academy of Arts in Moscow.

The actual act was created and directed by Ekaterina Morozova and was performed for an audience for the first time in 1998. The act is original referring to its choreography, music and acrobatic elements of great difficulty.

Previous Appearances:

CIRCUS KRONE-Bau Munich, Germany, CASCADE:circus Utrecht, KERSTCIRCUS AHOY' Rotterdam, The Netherlands, SIRKUS FINLANDIA, Finland, CIRCUS CONELLI Zurich, Switzerland.



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