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Enemy Squad

Break-Dance Acrobatic (HUNGARY)

In 1988 at a Break-Dance Competition in Hungary, four guys each had a dream of finding other like-minded, talented, athletic, artistic people with whom to form a compact and successful group. Their dreams come true.

The group was formed in 1990 under the motto "Friendships grew and the best of Enemies !" and was named the "enemy squad" with the following members: Zoltan Filkohazi -alias "Fili", Zsolt Nagy - alias "Hand", Szilard Fülöp - alias "Steady"  and Akos Kotai - alias "Thunder".    

Between the years 1991-96 they were winners of the "First Place" at the traditional Break-Dance Competitions and Championships in Europe:

Break-dance European Cup (1991), Break-dance European CHAMPIONSHIPS (1991 and 1992), Electric Boogie European CHAMPIONSHIPS (1991 and 1992)Break-dance World Championships (1993), Battle of the Year (1991-95), Well Known Talent Competition (1993)

Between 1995-2002 the group performed at several Circus-Shows, Variety-Programs and TV-Productions in Europe:

CIRCUS FLIC-FLAC, Germany (1995-96), ARD-TV, Germany (1995), RAIUNO-TV, Italy (1996), CIRCUS KRONE, Munich, Germany (Winter 1996), TVE, Spain and TV5, France and ZDF-TV, Germany (1997), WINTERGARTEN VARIETÉ Berlin, Germany (1997), ET CETERA VARIETÉ, Germany (1998), RTL-TV (1998), RONCALLI's APOLLO VARIETÉ Düsseldorf, Germany (1998 and 2000), CIRCUS BENNEWEIS, Denmark (2000), LOUIS KNIE’S WEIHNACHTSCIRCUS, Vienna, Austria (Winter 2000/2001), CIRCUS KNIE Switzerland (2002), WORLDCHRISTMASCIRCUS Stuttgart, Germany (Winter 2002/2003), CIRCUS 180 GRAD, Germany

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