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Kalinin Troupe

Skate-Board Acrobatic Act (RUSSIA)

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Anatoly Egorovitch KALININ - "Honoured Artist of Russia"- is the creator of the "Inline Skating Acrobatic Act" and he is descended from a Russian family with no artistic background. Already in his childhood he had a notable affection for the circus, and had a very strong wish to ever become an artist. In his teenage years he practised acrobatic gymnastics at a competitive level.

 Between 1966-70 he attended at the well-known MOSCOW CIRCUS-SCHOOL.

In 1970, he passed his exams successfully in the area of specialisation: "Artist-Acrobat" with an act of "Equilibristic and Balance on Rola-Rola", and was then engaged at the Russian State-Circus SOIOUSGOSZIRK in Moscow.

Between the years 1970-82 he accomplished several different tours in Russia and abroad, with the MOSCOW BOLSHOJ CIRCUS.

In 1982, he decided to desist from his Rola-Rola act, and sacrificed all his time to make reality of his vision of a skateboard act.

Between 1986-98, the troupe has been accomplishing a number of tours with the MOSCOW BOLSHOI CIRCUS in Australia, Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay etc. The first appearances of the troupe in Europe were with the "FANTA FANTASY SCANDINAVIAN TOUR" at "SKANDINAVIUM" Sportpalast in Gothenburg, at "GLOBEN" Sport/Show-Arena in Stockholm, Sweden and at "SPECTRUM" Show/Concert-Hall in Oslo, Norway (1994), at AHOY' Sport Palace in Rotterdam, Holland (Dec. 1996), at Sport Palace in Antwerp, Belgium (Jan. 1997) and at the XXth INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS-FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO (Jan./Feb. 1997), MTS' 97 DEUTSCHLANDHALLE in Berlin (Winter 1997),CIRCUS KRONE-BAU in Munich (Winter 1998), SWISS NATIONAL CIRCUS KNIE in Switzerland (Season 1998).

In 1999, Anatoly created the actual Inline Skating Acrobatic Act, as a second variant of his previous skateboard act, using the same equipment and acrobatic skills.

At the moment, the act is unique in its form and presentation, and by its actuality and originality Anatoly and his team can be very satisfied with the positive reaction of the spectators and its cause of great interest to the experts in the field of show-business, which confirm their engagements:

ROSGOSCIRC/RUSSIAN FEDERATION TOUR (2000-2001), CIRCUS KRONE-BAU in Munich, Germany (Winter 2001-2002),  BLACKPOOL TOWER CIRCUS England (Season 2002), LOUIS KNIE's CHRISTMAS CIRCUS in Vienna, Austria (Winter 2002-2003).

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