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The Novikovs

Horizontal Bars Acrobatic Act (RUSSIA)

Oleg Borisovich NOVIKOV, artist, leader of the group and creator of the act, is “Champion on Horizontal Bar of the Russian Federation” and former member of the Russian Olympic Gymnastic Team (1988), - presents with his four partners an original horizontal bar act, which includes spectacular combinations of gymnastic exercises and sophisticated cascades and difficult stunts such as triple-and double somersaults with a 720-degree pirouette from a 6 meter-high horizontal bar.

This act is unique in this genre, and as it is, is distinguished not only by a high position of the horizontal bars, but also a possibility of being transformed to different heights. This makes it possible for the performers to execute various gymnastic and acrobatic elements.

This act has been displayed for 13 years ago, and all members of the group are owners of the title: “Master of Sports” and prize winners of several national and international competitions in Sport Gymnastic.

Appearances (1990-2004):

Circus tours with the Russian State Circus Company in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, South-America, Saudi Arabia, Japan, RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS USA (1995-96), AUSTRIAN NATIONAL CIRCUS LOUIS KNIE Austria (1999), CIRCUS NOCK, Switzerland (2002), KERSTCIRCUS AHOY’ Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2002). CIRCUS BENNEWEIS Denmark (2003), LA GRANDE FETE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE Lille, France (2003), ZUCCHERO, Cologne, Germany (2003), LOUIS KNIE'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS Vienna, Austria (Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005)

 Festival Award Winners:



CIRCUS BENNEWEIS, Denmark (2003)

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