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Sarychev Troupe

Aerial Voltige Act (RUSSIA)

Nikolai Sarychev, the leader of the group, is descended from a family of Russian circus artistes.

In 1974, Nikolai graduated from the Circus School of Moscow with an aerial acrobatic act and he was then engaged as an artiste acrobat at the Russian State Circus "SOIUZGOSZIRK". In 1976 he was awarded at the "Allunion Competition of New Circus Acts".

Between 1977-96, together with an ensemble of the ROSGOSCIRK, the group toured in the following countries: Australia, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Finland.

Between the years 1994-96, as an instructor, he prepared and practiced the new aerial act consisting of his daughter Kristina Sarycheva and another four young men: Rouslan Kinzikeev, Alexander Volkov, Alexei Artemiev and Vadym Proskuryakov, all of them being former gymnasts in Russia and the Ukraine.

In 1996 the act "Aerial Fantasy" was performed for the first time under the name "ICAR".

The act experiences numerous successes in tours in Japan (1996), England (1998) and at the FRIEDRICHSTADTPALAST in Berlin, Germany (1999-2000).

In 1998, the act was awarded the "Golden Artiste" at the NETHERLANDS CIRCUS FESTIVAL in Enschede.

In December-January, 2000-2001 the troupe performed at LOUIS KNIE'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS in Vienna, Austria.

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