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Trio Trukhini

Triple Swinging Trapeze Act (RUSSIA)

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Elena, Larisa Troukina and Inna Rossini perform together a unique aerial act "Triple Swinging- Trapeze" with exercises of great difficulty and spectacular combinations. The Act was conceived and directed by Vladimir Rakocheev during the years 1988-90 at the Circus Act Creation

The sisters Elena and Larisa attended at the age of 11 at the Children's Circus School in Moscow. Inna exercised gymnastics already at the age of 6.

Between the years 1986-90, all three attended the world famous Circus School in Moscow, where they consequently, together with their teacher created and

In the winter of 1990, the three graduate students have their successful debut at the Bolshoi Circus in Moscow, where they receive much appreciation from the audience.

trukhini003.jpg (6684 bytes)In the years 1991-97, after touring in several towns in Russia, Belarus, Moldavia and Ukraine, a series of tours started with Soiuzgoscirk-Russian State-Circus Company in some countries in South-America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay), Australia and Japan.

In the summer-seasons 1998 and 2001 they performed at CIRCUS BENNEWEIS in Denmark, and in 1999 and 2000 they appeared and turned with CIRCUS BARUM in Germany.

Other appearances:

LA GRANDE FETE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE Lille, France (1998), LOUIS KNIE'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS Vienna, Austria (1999), KERSTCIRCUS AHOY' Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2000), ROYAL THEATRE CARRÉ Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2001), CIRQUE MEDRANO, France (Summer-Season 2002), FOSSETT BROS. CIRCUS, Dublin, Ireland (2003).

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