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Duo Volkov

Double Roman Rings/Aerial Act (RUSSIA)

Sergei Volkov and Ekaterina Goriacheva present an aerial act on double rings with original and spectacular tricks of greatest difficulty and perfection.

Sergei Volkov already started to practice gymnastics at the age of 6 attending a school with a special program for gymnasts with promising chances at the Olympic Games in Moscow. After a couple of years Sergei advanced with his gymnastics to an international level.

Graduating from the school of gymnastics Sergei obtained the title: "Master of the Sport" and at that very same time he was member of the Russian national team of gymnastics.

During his career as a gymnast, Sergei had won several championships in Russia and abroad at the rings.

Sergei ended his performances as an elite gymnast in 1993 with the idea of creating an artistic act at the rings and becoming a circus artist.

In order to be able to reach his goal, Sergei needed to help and guidance of specialists in this particular area. After receiving the necessary help, Sergei had succeeded to create an original act with spectacular exercises and adequate equipment; however the completing step was still to be taken: to find a partner.

After intensive searching, Sergei met the talented 14-year-old Ekaterina Goriacheva at a school of gymnastics. Ekaterina Goriacheva had already received the title: "Master of the Sport". She showed interest in Sergei's plans and so they became an acrobatic aerial couple.

Their first appearance for an audience brought them a remarkable success. Between 1996-1999 the act has been performed at different circuses in Russia.

In September 1999, at the IInd All-Russian Festival of Circus Arts in Saratov, Russia they were awarded the Gold Medal

Appearances in 1999-2001:

KERSTCIRCUS AHOY'  Rotterdam, The Netherlands, CIRCUS MAXIMUM, Sweden, CIRCUS CONELLI Zurich, Switzerland, 25th INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO (January 2001), AUSTRIAN NATIONAL CIRCUS LOUIS KNIE Austria (Summer-Season 2001), CHASSÉ THEATRE Breda, The Netherlands (2001).




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